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* This work was supported, in part by USAF Contract F33615-90-C-2033. 

Figure 1.   Comparison of LDV and TFV measurement results obtained at a location 2 mm above the exit, on centerline of 6-mm nitrogen jet.  Flow rate was varied from 0.5 to 25 slpm.  Slope of linear fit to data is 1.012.

Figure 2.  Comparison of LDV and TFV results obtained on centerline of premixed propane-air flame.  Flow rates for flame were 0.3 slpm of propane and 5.2 slpm of air.

Figure 3.  Overlays of (a) velocity contours and temperature image and (b) temperature contours and velocity image of premixed propane-air flame obtained with TFV technique.